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Island Outdoors is the only Outdoor shop around and the La Crosse area and, its located right on the Water! Therefore you can rent a Canoe, kayak, paddle board, water bike etc and head right out on the water from our parking lot. No loading and unloading on your car and driving around. Not sure if you want to buy a certain kayak, SUP, etc. You can rent or take a short trial run from us (for many products but not all) to make sure you love it before you buy it. No one else is doing that. Finally, we have the best gear and apparel that is even available for the outdoors. We carry what is the best but not always the cheapest :)


Most people shop at our store rather than the big box stores because we are very well stocked with the right merchandise (not what some corporate buyer thinks is the right stuff). We know our products and it is a friendly, local shop that people enjoy to spend time chatting about everyday life or having an in depth conversation about their passion for fishing, hunting, etc. with like minded individuals. We have 3 different departments laid out within our stores interior.

There is a fishing section, a hunting section and an outdoor apparel, kayak, SUP section. Our outside is set up as a great visual sales/rental area for everything from kayaks to ladder stands. If we don't stock it, we can order just about anything that any customer would ever want, for a very fair price, and get it very quickly.


Island Bait and Tackle was started 58 years ago (as of 2020) at 126 Clinton street. It changed to Bob's Bait and Tackle about 40 years ago and then stayed Bob's Bait and Tackle after a move to 129 Clinton street. After continuous expansion by the owner, Scott Gartner, it became Island Outdoors in 2016. As of today, we are still the only outdoors shop around the area located right on the water. Come stop in and check out what we have to offer or give us a call!